A message from the Student Liaison Initiative of the FBI: 
A student (not at Goodwin) was sent a check in the mail along with instructions to cash the check and use the funds to purchase money cards that would be provided back to the scammers. The check cleared long enough for the student to get the cash to put on the cards. When it finally was found to be fraudulent by the bank a few days later, the bank took the funds back from the student. The name and address of the company on the check came back to a legitimate business, but it was a car repair shop. Its name and address were used to increase believability. Here is a link to a FBI Cyber Division Public Service Announcement about similar scams: Students who are victims of this fraud should file claims with<> and include the fact that they are a “student” who was scammed with a “counterfeit check” to facilitate the aggregation of victims.