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Columbus Day - Indigenous Peoples Day Schedule

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Women's Basketball Team - Players Wanted

The Goodwin College Women's Basketball team is looking for players. Email Eric at eemet@goodwin.edu for details. Practice starts the week of October 14th. 

Mental Health Awareness - Talk to a Pro

On Wednesday, 10/16, between 3:00 – 6:00 pm, join us at the River Campus, and Pent Road for a series of activities focusing around supporting your mental health.
There will be a series of activities and booths, designed to educate you on the resources that the College makes available to students.
Know that you’re not alone, and that this is a perfect opportunity for you to talk openly with a professional about your own mental health concerns.
There will be games, puppies, free stuff, and food!
Contact Veronica with any questions (vhills@goodwin.edu).

MakerspaceCT Application Process Now Open

MakerspaceCT, a grant program partner of Goodwin, is accepting applications for its Innovation Cohort, funded by Innovation Places/CTNext. Forty to 60 participants will work in a collaborative space to create or improve a product. The program provides classes in 3D Printing and Scanning, RaspberryPi, Arduino, Laser Engraving, Soldering, CAD and CAM Programming, CNC Routing and Milling, and other technologies. Anyone from Goodwin is eligible to apply. Those who meet the requirements will be awarded three months of membership to MakerspaceCT to allow the continuation of their work. Learn more at https://app.makerspacect.com/2020-IP-Scholarship-App