Introducing ANCHOR: A Navigator Choosing Health Overall Responsibly

We all know it is important to care of our mind, body, and soul, but do we ever make the time for it? As a member of a busy college community, taking a break for yourself — in the classroom or your department — can be incredibly effective for your well-being. ANCHOR, A Navigator Choosing Health Overall Responsibly, is a new initiative established by the Counseling office in Student Services to encourage ALL navigators to take care of themselves. Each month on the digital signage around campus, you will see the latest “ANCHOR Drop” suggesting an activity to take part in. Challenge yourself to complete the ANCHOR Drop, then submit your monthly picture to receive a cool prize! You must send a photo each month for April, May, June, July, AND August to qualify for the first prize. Send a photo each month for September, October, November, AND December to qualify for the second prize. You can send your pictures to Stephanie Frascadore, Therapist, at Please note: some photos may be posted on social media.