Construction Alert!

Construction work at the Willow Street/Riverside Drive intersection, which includes the Route 2 East Exit 5 off-ramp and West on-ramp, is expected to continue into September. This may affect campus access to Goodwin College students and employees and parents of Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) and Riverside Magnet School (RMS). Following are tips for navigating the neighborhood. Access may change daily depending on the construction. Use these general guidelines, but watch for on-site signage with specific instructions. The construction company will attempt to time setting up detours after 8 a.m. and removing them by 3 p.m. each day. This should help with school buses and parents transporting students to and from CTRA and RMS.

Morning Detour – If Riverside Drive is closed coming off Route 2 East: Turn left off exit and proceed to light. Turn right on Main Street. Go to second traffic light; turn right onto Ensign Street. Proceed down Ensign Street. Turn left onto Willowbrook for RMS (pre-K to grade 1). Turn left on Riverside Drive for RMS (grades 2 & 3) and Goodwin College. Turn right onto Riverside Drive for CTRA.

Evening Detour – If Riverside Drive is closed to access Route 2 West: Turn onto Ensign Street. Proceed to Main Street and turn left. Go to second traffic light and turn left onto Willow Street. Proceed on Willow; entrance to Route 2 West is on right.