Take Advantage of Discounts for Goodwin at The Bushnell!

The following offerings are available via The Bushnell’s online program with discounts to students and employees of Goodwin College: Love Letters, Motown the Musical, Matilda the Musical, Dirty Dancing, Music and Dance, Riverdance, Banff Mountain Festival (film); Diana Ross, Blue Man Group, Realish Housewives of West Hartford. Descriptions are available by logging onto www.bushnell.org. Hover over SHOWS AND CONCERTS, click on ONLINE GROUP PROGRAM and enter the password HORACE, complete and submit the form. You will be contacted with prices, availability and for payment. Shows through this program are available up to 2 weeks prior to curtain. No exchanges, cancellations, or refunds will be granted. Additional fees apply. Questions? Contact groups@bushnell.org or 860.987.5959.