The Goodwin College Navigators recently competed in the Dragon Boat races, as part of Hartford’s annual Riverfront Recapture Asian Festival.
Competing in the Community Class, against 65 other squads throughout the Greater Hartford area, the Navs finished the day medaling, with an outstanding time of 2.41.97; the fastest heat the team has recorded since entering their first competition in 2013.
Captained by the College’s Student Engagement Coordinator, Nicole Miller, Student Services Associate Travis Samuels, and Student Government President Lester Castro, the team is comprised of students, faculty, staff and alumni of the College.  

Congratulations to: 
Abby Schames, Alex Henschel, Alex Stagnaro, Antaya Lee, Asa Strambler, Cathryn Thermer, Cliff Thermer, David Carroll, Dena Booker, Ernie Varela, Kaleigh Miller, Lester Castro, Lynn Guerriero, Michael Ramsey, Nicole Miller, Ohemma Benegyani, Stephanie Frascadore, Travis Samuels, Yesenia Otero, Qahar Abdullah, Stephanie Gurski, Nate Lare, Jesse Thermer, Tina Aligata.