Cold Night in Cardboard City Leads to Understanding for Students

On Friday, November 14, 50 MOVE and WISE students joined 70 other college students to participate in Journey Home’s Cardboard City Sleep Out at the University of Hartford to brace the frigid cold temperatures and raise awareness for homelessness. 

This was the first event in the National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week.

Journey Home, a local non-profit focused on ending chronic homelessness in Hartford, organized the annual event. The students took part in a number of activities throughout the night. They watched a documentary about homelessness in Hartford, listened to stories from current and former homeless people, participated in the food stamps challenge, engaged in a candle light vigil honoring homeless people who have been victims of violence, and led a privilege walk.

“[The students] were very engaged. It’s obvious they were really listening because they asked very deep questions that got to the heart of what it means to be homeless. It was apparent they were trying to understand the plight these people have experienced,” said Journey Home Deputy Director, Amanda Girardin.

The students gained awareness and knowledge about homelessness not only in Hartford, but nationwide and what they can do as college students to help end homelessness.

Check out some videos of the event:

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